What am I carrying in my camera bag? Well, in my pocket I have a Canon Powershot S400. It’s a 4 megapixel camera in a tiny package. I bought it specifically for its size, but it takes great pics too. Yes, that link is to an article that published one of the pics I took on my hike to Mt. Whitney taken with the S400. If I were to buy a camera today and my priority was size, I would probably opt for the Powershot SD300. It’s even smaller and has a big LCD for viewing images.

When I need more creative control, I use a Canon Digital Rebel. It’s a 6.2 MP digital SLR and takes the entire range of Canon EF lenses. When I bought it, it was the only digital SLR under $1000 and the little brother to my wife’s camera, the 10D. We primarily bought Canon because she already had a Canon film camera and an assortment of lenses and we had great experiences with Canon equipment in the past. Since I bought my camera, Nikon came out with their sub-$1000 competitor, the D70. If I had a strict budget to spend for a digital SLR and no other affinity to Canon (like an existing set of lenses), that’s probably the one I would get. It costs a little more than the Rebel, but it’s features match or exceed Canon’s 10D. If, however, I had $1500 to spend on a camera, it would hands down go toward Canon’s new 20D. It has a 8 MP sensor, Canon’s new DigicII chip (faster with better noise reduction), and is lighter than the 10D. Don’t tell my wife, but she’s probably getting one for her birthday (which, of course, means I get to upgrade my Rebel with her 10D!). More on cameras I don’t own but would recommend later.

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