I love my Media Center PC. No, really, I do. Sure, it’s a frequent source of frustration, but overall it works pretty well. Sounds like alot of products from Microsoft, huh?

One source of frustration is that the EPG (Electronic Program Guide) for OTA (over the air) digital TV has errors. For PBS, it shows the program listings for standard definition rather than the hi def version, and it doesn’t show any listings for subchannels (for those not familiar with ATSC TV, channels can have subchannels, like PBS Encore, PBS Kids, etc.). I tried a hack that had me faking the MCE box to believe I was receiving digital cable and changing the OTA listings to point to their digital cable counterparts. This actually looked like it was going to work and it indeed fixed my PBS HD problem, but the listings for the subchannels just showed the listing for the main channel. So all 5 PBS subchannels now show the PBS HD listing. Not very useful, huh? I tried using some third-party hacks to download listings from zap2it.com and convert it into MCE format, but I ended up hosing the OS and having to reinstall it. There went another weekend lost to my MCE box. Thank God I have an understanding wife…

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